Individualized functional medicine, fitness, and anti-aging strategies

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are services covered by insurance?


Payment is due at the time of service. If you wish to seek reimbursement on your own, we will provide diagnostic codes for you.


Can I use my HAS or HRA to pay for services?


Most of these accounts can be used for our services but please check with your provider to be sure.


Do your work with other doctors?


Yes. We are quite willing to work with any physician or health care provider who has an open, integrative outlook regarding seeking well being for his or her patients. Additionally we can recommend medical doctors who are familiar with functional medicine approaches.


Can I get my labs done through my MD?


Yes, if your MD is willing to order the tests that are recommended. Some labs must be done directly through this office. Many of the serum lab tests may be ordered by your physician.


Can you do my fitness coaching at my gym?


Each gym has its own policies regarding personal training. Dr Pat is individually insured for  training in public facilities or your home. However specific policies would need to be determined with your gym.