Individualized functional medicine, fitness, and anti-aging strategies

Client Testimonials:

How often over the years have I mentioned I don’t feel quite right? Tall, fit and energetic, I looked to be in good health. There was nothing to merit a visit to a physician. My family and friends would simply chide me: “It’s all in your head.” They didn’t know how accurate a diagnosis that was.

Pat Henry took my input seriously. And she confirmed it: My illness was indeed in my head, or rather in the vestibular/sensory/proprioceptive regions of the brain. The connection was a high predisposition to hyperpermeability in the gut/brain blood barrier. She identified 13 food sensitivities. I felt more than vindicated. I felt 20 years younger after I began an elimination diet for the sensitivities and an intestinal healing program. As a breast cancer survivor, I requested specialized test for estrogen levels. The results led to more tweaking for “good estrogen” and “bad estrogen” pathways. My formerly low Vitamin D is now in a normal range. Not that my story ends here. I’m a work in progress as Pat and I fine tune the elimination diet and supplements.

Pat has also drawn on a wealth of knowledge to adapt my traditional American recipes into gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free alternatives. I cook all organic, complete with fresh herbs from my own garden window. I enjoy unadulterated meals more than ever. Best of all, bone-crushing fatigue and sometimes debilitating “brain fog” are things of the past. A good night’s sleep is now the norm. 

Next time you aren’t feeling quite right, or you have a needless diagnostic test that comes out inconclusive, or your “gut instinct” is that an overworked physician is pigeonholing you for age or gender related woes, look at the alternatives. And, remember, the adage to “trust your gut” is more accurate than you ever guessed. But then, it would not be an adage unless it had withstood the test of time and trial. 

-Maureen Hogg, freelance writer/editor, Louisville, CO

I cannot say it any more honestly or any more simply: I believe Pat Henry saved my daughter’s life. As a high school junior, my daughter became ill and the doctors and specialists could find nothing wrong. They did not look past individual symptoms or take her seriously. Pat, however, looked at the disparate symptoms as a whole and, through a series of lab tests, diagnosed the cause: severe celiac disease. Pat continued to work with us in understanding celiac and changing dietary habits. Importantly, she worked with us through my daughter’s recovery, which was lengthy given the secondary symptoms she had developed because of the damage caused by the untreated celiac. Pat’s knowledge and approach to functional, integrated health is remarkable. I owe her an enormous debt of gratitude. 

-Sheryl Shafer, Boulder, CO